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SFL-LLGF Minutes


8 November 2017


  • President Lee opened meeting  at 7PM with 20 ladies present

  • Our usual lite fare was sweetened with homemade dessert from eight of our members---thank you ladies for participating in our 11th annual cookie exchange. YUMMY!

  • We had a quick 10 minute YouTube video starring two of our very own doing what they do best--FISH.    Sorry you missed it!

  • Elections were held for 2018—here are your elected officers


  • President                                                   Lee

  • Vice President                                           Arleen

  • Secretary                                                   Vivian

  • Treasure                                                    Ellen

  • Adventure chair                                         Deb C

  • Membership chair                                     Susan H

    Special volunteers

    Sign in                                                       Zaida

    Raffle                                                         Marcy

    Baker                                                         Arleen

    Webmaster                                                Susan A



  • Your 2018 officers and special volunteers will use their best lures to reel in a great 2018.  Be sure and join us next year. 


  • Raffle went to Diane M

  • Thank you tonight to Zaida for sign in and Marcy for raffle

  • Holiday Party is upon us.   Lee needs your $20 by DEC 6.  This is the final adventure of the year and you will not be disappointed.  More information to follow---just remember your $1 scratch off and gift exchange ($15-$20) Save 13 December!

  • Surveys very important-----please fill out and send to Lee.   This information is needed to plan 2018 meetings/adventures. 

  • Tonight was one of our own---Lori gave her very informative FISH ID presentation.  Great class Lori- thank you! 

  • January 10 will be our first meeting of 2018; at which time you can renew your membership ($40) and learn all about what is planned for the year.

  • Meeting adjourned at 8:45PM


    Sport Fish of Florida by Vic Dunaway



    Happy Holidays Ladies!











SFL-LLGF Minutes




11 October 2017








  • Dr. Arthur Mariano began our meeting at 7:20PM with 22 ladies present. As a professor in the Department of Ocean Sciences at the University of Miami Dr. Mariano introduced us to the value of contours and a mapping tool to help all the captains in our chapter find fish.  Very interesting and an eye opener that such information is out there for all to use.

  • Our membership chair Susan H reports 50 members.  Get with Susan so you can order your name tag—start 2018 without the sticky paper.

  • As you all know—due to our very active hurricane season we had to cancel two adventures.  If you gave money for the kayak trip or Chokoloskee you will get a refund if you have not received it yet.

  • SURVEYS--We need you to fill out and bring to November meeting---without them we cannot plan next years’ meetings or adventures.  If you did on-line and already sent to Lee—thank you.  If not, please attend the November meeting and fill one out there.

  • Our famous Holiday Party is FAST approaching.  Bring $20 to NOV meeting and set your calendar for December 13th.  See Susan H. at meeting.  NO reservations taken the night of event.

  • Next month we will be having our election of officers.  We also will be having our 11th annual cookie exchange.  Bring a batch of your favorite homemade goodies to share. If you do not have time to bake there is an opportunity to bring $5 to go towards fundraiser to help with cost of chairs at the VFW in Memory or Honor of a Veteran.

  • Amy won the raffle.  No pink pole this month.

  • Bouncer will be speaking at Dusky Marine on November 30th from 6:30PM-8PM.  You always learn something new from him.

  • Big thank you going out to Debbie Sue for trick or treat goodies, Arleen for goody basket for our guest speaker, Vicki for dessert, Zaida for set up and sign in, Marcy for putting together  raffle basket and Vivian for handling the raffle.

  • See you all 8 November – come support Lori as she gives her fish ID class.

  • Meeting adjourned at 9:15.















SFL-LLGF Minutes


9 August 2017




  • At 7:10 PM President Lee presented our guest speaker, Mr. Marshall Gordon, from CHAOS FISHING.    Mr. Gordon opened our eyes on all the good information he provided on rods and how they are made.  Good Better Best is the company motto and his 25 years in the business was a testament to his wealth of knowledge on rods and reels.  Sorry if you missed it! Thank you Susan H for arranging this guest speaker.

  • September 16th adventure is kayaking at West Lake Park in Hollywood.  There will be a BBQ, and we will be participating in cleanup of the waterway, fishing and of course kayaking for four hours.   All for just a mere $30.  Get with DebbieSue at Sept meeting.








SFL-LLGF Minutes


10 May 2017 










SFL-LLGF Minutes

12 April 2017











SFL-LLGF Minutes


8 March 2017




  • Meeting called to order at 7PM with 30 ladies present.

  • We have three new members---Welcome aboard Mimi, Mindy and Jane

  • Susan H our membership chair reports 44 members.  She is also the person you need to see to order your name tag—for $10 you will look official.

  • Welcome back Mary M

  • Susan A is our website master (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)-send her your fishing pictures so she can post on our website.

  • Tonight was our 15th anniversary for the chapter.  We must be doing something right! Deb Q and Sharon brought a coconut cake and DebbieSue brought the chocolate cake, ice cream and all the extra goodies.  Thank you ladies!  

  • The skill station adventure that was held on 25 FEB was great!  Thank you Lee for opening your home to the 18 of us that participated.  It was a great day of learning and just being able to get together. And a big thank you to your helpers-Cindy, Vicky, Marcy and Deb C for the classes they gave.

  • The 10 ladies that attended BOW really enjoyed everything that was offered.  There will be another BOW in Ocala in October.  More information coming.

  • Our next fishing adventure will be in Haulover on the HURRICANE.  For $70 all day and that includes tip. Join us 8 April

  • The Keys trip in May is FULL!   Those that have signed up need to be present next meeting with the $75 needed for the boat.  Deb C will be waiting for you.

  • On 19 August we will be mangrove night fishing on the HELEN S.  Price will be between $35-$50.  Night fishing is a different experience; join us.

  • For all these adventures/trips we do have sign-up sheets.  Be sure and see Deb C at the meetings to sign up and give her the money.

  • Our local Dania Beach seminar with Betty is fast approaching.  Great weekend to meet other ladies that like to fish and of course a great learning weekend planned.  Check out her website for details of all that she has going on.

  • Raffle tonight to commemorate 15th anniversary; everything in it had our logo.  Nice touch Marcy-thank you.  And the winner was Paula

  • Pink pole is now in the hands of Jane-tight lines!

  • Thank you Zaida for handling sign in.

  • Tonights speaker was Captain Bouncer.  He covered everything we needed for our fishing trip that is coming up.  Great wealth of in information.  His philosophy –JERKS CANNOT USE CIRCLE HOOKS.  (You had to be there). 

  • Next month will be hands-on!  Knots and terminal rigging.  Come and support your chapter members that give these classes.  I guarantee you will learn something at the   APRIL 12th meeting.

  • Meeting adjourned at 9PM



    LMR-custom rods and tackle---recommend by Captain Bouncer










SFL-LLGF Minutes



8 February 2017





  • May 19-21 we will be doing our annual ‘sand balling’ with Captain Chan on the GULFSTREAM.  This is an experience you’ve got to try. All day trip for $75 including tip. Make overnight reservations at the Sunset Cove in Key Largo (mention LLGF for discount) 305-451-0705. We will be capping this off at 20 members. Get with Deb C our adventure person.

  • Pink Pole and Deb C had a good day.  Now it’s Suzanne’s turn.

  • Raffle went to Cynthia.

  • Thank you tonight to Cynthia for raffle basket for speaker, Zaida for sign in, Arecely for setup, Marcy for putting together raffle basket and Debbie Sue for the special goodies.

  • Tonight was guest speaker Mike MacDonald.  His topic was “Survivalist Extraordinaire”.  He introduced us to survival pack items and also gave some good ‘protective ’tips for women. 

  • Next month will be Captain Bouncer Smith.  You don’t want to miss this well-known angler who loves to come and talk to us.  It is truly a pleasure and privilege to have him as our guest speaker.  Be sure and attend this MARCH 8 meeting.

  • In March 2017 the chapter commemorates its 15th Anniversary.  We must be doing something right!

  • Meeting adjourned at 9PM




SFL-LLGF Minutes


11 January 2017








SFL-LLGF Minutes


9 November 2016




  • Meeting began promptly at 7PM with our guest speaker Captain Brian Liebowitz with 20 ladies attending.

  • What a pleasant evening we had with Captain Brian.  Inshore fishing is his specialty and all that attended received a wealth of information with his 40+ years of fishing.  He is also on the staff at BassPro and is actively involved with the very young anglers. He has even given us a $100 discount for 2017 charters with him.  Mention that you saw him at the meeting.

  • Chokoloskee was a huge success with everyone catching-Thank you Deborah.  And the finally touch was a camp fire with s’mores on Saturday night- Thank you Diane M and Vivian.

  • Tonight was our 10th ANNUAL cookie Exchange.   What a TREAT! Thank you ladies that took the time to bake.

  • Betty Bauman and the Ladies, Let's Go Fishing Foundation would like to thank all the volunteers who made the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show and the LLGF Keys seminar in October a success!

  • Tonight was also our Election of Officers. Here is your 2017 volunteers.




  • SECRETARY-Vivian

  • TREASURE-Ellen

  • ADVENTURES-Deborah


  • Special volunteers


  • RAFFLE-Marcy

  • SIGN IN-Zaida



  • You still have time to submit the survey.  We would like your input for adventures and meeting ideas. 

  • Thank you tonight –Vivian for sign in and Arleen for goody basket for our speaker. Also a big thank you to Diana B for making the poster for our party.








SFL-LLGF Minutes



12 October 2016




SFL-LLGF Minutes


14 September 2016








SFL-LLGF Minutes


10 August 2016






SFL-LLGF Minutes




13 July 2016









SFL-LLGF Minutes




8 June 2016




SFL-LLGF Minutes


11 May 2016






SFL-LLGF Minutes


SFL-LLGF Minutes 12 April 2016




We started our adventure meeting at 6:30 PM with 12 ladies present.  Keith started the meeting by having us set up our own fly rods and running the line through the eyelets.  He showed us how to properly hold the fly rod and demonstrated the technique called False Casting.  We practiced casting with individual attention by Keith.  As a surprise, Bass Pro offered each of us a nice gift that will come in handy to hold our beverages.


·         Our April adventure will be an All Day Fishing Expedition aboard the Gulfstream in Key Largo.  Sounds like it’s going to be a great weekend of fishing adventure.  The trip is FULL. 


·         Remember to contact Diana to order your customized name tag.  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   For $10 your customized name tag comes with a magnet, which securely holds them to your blouse.  No more sticky paper labels which end up on the floor.


·         Thanks to Susan H we now have official sign-up sheets for adventures.  Be sure and use them and sign up for the adventures that are coming up this year.


·         Betty is having her Fort Lauderdale Seminar April 29-May1 at the I.T. Parker Community Center in Dania Beach.  You can still register for $69.  The Seminar is a hands-on learning experience for first timers as well as experienced anglers.  


·         No Sign In, Pink Pole or Raffle Tonight


·         May 11th is next meeting with Rick from Anglers Bait and Tackle as our guest speaker.  Local Waters and Bottom Fishing is his topic for our meeting.  Please come and support our guest, Rick with lots of questions.


·         Next meeting is 11 May 2016


·         Meeting adjourned at 8 pm



9 March 2016
·         Our meeting opened tonight with our guest speaker Capt. Pete Rapps.  Pete introduced us to Solunar Charts.  One more “tool” for fishing.  Check out his website for the charts and his classroom videos.  He also explained barometer pressure, tide chart with graph and wind finder; a different way of explaining tools for fishing.  Sorry you missed him.
·         We had 28 ladies attend tonight—our 14th year in existence as a chapter. We must be doing something right.
·         Tonight we had to bid farewell to a good friend, Lucy, who will be moving to Tallahassee to be with family.  She will be missed as she was very active member for over 5 years.  Tight Lines my friend.
·         Membership chair Diana reports 45 members.  Our email list is being updated.  If you have not registered for 2016, you will removed from mailing list and miss out on all the adventures/meetings that as a member you can participated in. A mere $40 dollars for the year.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." target="_blank" title="mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You can also order your name tags from her for just $10.  Better than those sticky paper ones.
·         Susan our webmaster This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." target="_blank" title="mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is ready and waiting for your pics from the adventures and meetings so that she can post on our website.
·         Lori reports for the George Poveromo SWS seminar 7 members and family attended.   Lady Luck was on Deb Qs’side as she won a $100 door prize gift card and then later attended the after seminar party and won a $50 gift card. YES!
·         The waterway clean-up at John Lloyd Park was attended by 8 members and family; reports Susan H.  Worthwhile project of which SFL-LLGF hopefully will participate next year.
·         Those that attended the BOW weekend were very pleased with everything and learned a lot. Birdwatching, primitive chef, basic wilderness skills, and shooting bow/ arrow were just a few of the classes the ladies attended.
·         The Glam camping  in May is FULL
·         Lee will be collecting for the JUNE 18 charter boat fishing $150 deposit  at our April meeting or please send to her now.  A one day fishing trip with 6 ladies per boat in Islamorada.  A big success last year.
·         We also have Betty’s seminar at IT Parker in Dania Beach April 29- May 1st.  She could use the help.  Catch her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." target="_blank" title="mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  This is where some of you all started.   Come and help out and meet other lady anglers and maybe new members for our chapter.
·          Thank you tonight---Claudia for dessert, Arleen for basket of baked goodies for our speaker, Vicky for handling raffle, Zaida for sign in and Marcy for putting together raffle basket.
·         Pink pole went to Lori and Amarylis won the raffle.


·         Next month meeting DATE has been changed. Meeting at Bass Pro Shop in Dania will be held on TUESDAY THE 12TH.  There will be no $10 meeting fee, nor pink pole raffle or raffle basket at this meeting.  We will meet at the Islamorada Fish Co on site for a snack before the meeting.   More information to follow.

10 February 2016




·         President Lee opened meeting at 7:05 PM with 34 ladies present


·         Our website is up with minutes of the meetings and the itinerary of upcoming meetings and adventures.


·         Last month’s adventure was surf fishing at John Lloyd State Park.  There was 22 ladies trying their luck.  Debbie Sue made sand spikes for everyone that attended and hot dogs were provided by Lori at the barbeque with everyone bringing something to share.  Great camaraderie, even tho only one fish (too small to even mention) was caught by Arita.  Thank you Debbie Sue and Diane M for this fun adventure.


·         Our February adventure will be BOW in West Palm Beach.  Sounds like it’s going to be a great weekend.   Hope you can come.



·         Susan is coordinating the beach cleanup adventure.  This waterway cleanup will be happening March 5th from 9AM – 1PM.  Sign up is at  Chose John Lloyd when you register.  This is a worthwhile project in which the chapter is happy to be participating.


·         Betty is having her Gulf Coast Seminar March 12-13 at Ft. Myers/Matlacha.  You can still get early entry for $69.  This is a hands-on learning experience for first timers as well as experienced anglers in a really great location.  



·         Tonight was our very own; Vicky.  She gave a great knot tying class with help from Lynn and Vivian. This is the foundation of fishing; a must know.  Sorry if you missed it.


·         Thank you-Elizabeth for cookies, Deb Q for handling raffle tickets; Marcy for putting together raffle basket and Zaida for handling the sign-in.


·         Pink Pole went to Vivian


·         Raffle was won by Karen


·         March 9th is next meeting with Captain Pete Rapps as our guest speaker.  Inshore and bay fishing will be his topic.  Come and support our guest with lots of questions. March also commemorates the 14th year of our chapters’ existence.


·         Meeting adjourned at 9PM


 13 January 2016


·         First meeting of 2016 opened by President Lee with 27 ladies present
·         First order of business was our new members-Donna, Kim, Claudia and Peg.  Welcome aboard ladies
·         Mary’s scratch-off that she got at the Christmas party paid her $40.  That’s a first!
·         Finances were discussed—the $10 you pay for meeting goes towards a very lite supper that evening and room rental. Money from raffle goes towards events and party; sooooo you all need to buy raffle tickets to help support the chapter.
·         The bar at the VFW is happy to have us.  Seems you ladies are very thirsty and that is a good thing!
·         Diana reports 18 members.   She is also the point of contact for name tags.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  For $10 they are very nice, magnet holds them to your blouse.  No more sticky paper.
·         Thanks to Susan H we now have official sign-up sheets for adventures.  Be sure and use them and sign up for the adventures that are coming up this year.
·         Miami Boat Show is 11-15 FEB.   Betty could sure use the help.   Contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Get in free and meet other lady anglers.
·         February adventure will be BOW. Also Lori is coordinating a trip on Feb.27 to Port St. Lucie to attend the very popular seminar put on by George Poveromo.  Hope to see you all at both of these events; sounds like fun.
·         Tonight was discussion of all adventures and meetings that will be taking place this year.  You get out of this chapter what you put into it.  Volunteers are always welcome to help and or plan new adventures. We also need dessert at the meetings; make us smile with some sweets. Please let Lee know if you can bring a dessert.
·         Tonight we had Harold from Poseidon Total Fishing Outfitters with CJ and Tim give us an informative talk on surf fishing. Pyramid weights are the key here.
·         Thanks tonight to Vicky for cookies, Vivian for handling raffle basket, Marcy for putting together the basket and of course Zaida for sign in. And to Deb L for making the cookies for our guests tonight.
·         Raffle went to Peg
·         Knot tying will be next month.  Our very own, Vicky, will be giving the class assisted by other members of the chapter.  Come and practice something old and learn something new.
·         Next meeting is 10 FEB 2016
·         Meeting adjourned at 9pm