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The Latest Fishing Report

April 29th, 2011
Waited two weeks for Friday----was between pacific & carysfort out about 18 miles at most, but had 3 in boat before 8:30.  Got 14 dolphin and one small wahoo deep below a pallet.  Left dolphin schools twice for bigger fish.  

So it was a Great day in south Dade/north Largo. And yes, I had to remind someone with too much testosterone that I went to the "no-yelling" school of fishing.  Boy, did that shut him up!!!!

(from Lee)
We were off Ft. Lauderdale north of the Port on the same Friday that everyone was waiting for.  Got 6 nice Black Fins and a 25# Wahoo in shore, then went out to the 800'-850' and got 8 dolphin (two throw backs) around a small buoy with a seagull and scattered weed.

Feb 25th 2011
Just an FYI for anyone who might be thinking about fishing in the next couple of days.  There has been a hot black fin tuna bite north of Pt. Everglades  to the Steeple from 140' - 350'.  We got 7 from 8-9:30 AM on Tuesday and 4 on Wednesday all 8-11 pounds, plus a stray dolphin in 135'.  The boats fishing south of the port did not seem to do as well. 
Feb 4th 2011
This past Sunday, Jim and I used our backcountry charter that I bought on the silent auction at the LLGF Seminar in Islamorada.
We met Capt Mike at the Garrison Bight Marina in Key West for our 1/2 day charter.    First he took us to a location where the Red Fish were stacked 20 high.   Most were just legal, but this boat was release only, so we caught them non stop for nearly an hour on gulps.
After he took us to an area where we could drift and I could practice my fly fishing for LadyFish.  What a ball we had, I still could not hook one, but with the spinner they were great fun.  We even got some jacks.  All very light tackle and as you know LadyFish are the poor mans Tarpon.
Finally Capt Mike said "lets fish for the Barracuda's on the flats".  I thought that would be a big zero, but it turned out to be a blast.  He poled across a couple of feet of water out front of Stock Island.  He would point them out and we would cast the old trusty tube lure.   They would pound on it, but were very difficult to catch. Definately he was was set up for release.  No treble hooks, and all the barbs on hooks were mashed down.   It for sure made you keep pressure on the line.     He kept us out well after our 4 hr charter and we enjoyed every minute.

Bidding on the charters are a great way to experience a professional day of fishing.   The costs are always a terrific bargain.

7 PM  4 Nov
Weather looked bad but we went anyway.  If it wasn't for us four ladies;  the boat would not have gone out. It did rain on us for about 20 minutes,  but after that seas were calm and clouds disappeared.  The trip was a lesson on snappers.   Lane,  mangrove and yellow tail were caught by all and lets not forget  the  grunts
Leta----2 lane
Vivian---one grunt
Paula---2  mangrove and one yellowtail
Marcy---  3 grunts and 2 lane
On 5 Nov we went out again on the Helen S at 1 PM.   Lots of white caps; and the cold front was upon us.  
Paula --one lane
Marcy---one grunt 

October 19th - Reported by Deb
On Tuesday, October 19, 2010, I headed out of Port Everglades with a couple of friends from Kentucky. As we started getting into deep water, I asked one of them to take the wheel while I let the lines out for some trolling.  I saw a bunch of activity on the surface. No birds, just splashes from bait fish breaking the water.

A few seconds later as I was letting the line out, it started peeling off of the reel faster than I could control it, then I saw the fish jump. We landed a nice 26" dolphin who hit a ballyhoo wearing a pink skirt.
Later in the day we decided to head in to more shallow water (187') and put out a ballyhoo on a ballyhood trolling lure. It was only out for a few minutes when I heard the zing and saw him jump!! I couldn't believe that I finally caught a 25 lb Wahoo on my boat!!! I'm sure that my visitors had never seen anyone so excited about a fish before! (MY FIRST WAHOO)
I was elated with this catch, and I know that it is because of the knowledge I've gained from being a member of our club that made such a catch possible. Can't wait to try it again!

March 25th - Reported by Lee Lavery in Key Largo
And the hot Mutton bite continues.  Muttons ,30-40 per day on the Gulfstream have been common for the last 11 days and the yellowtail are starting to show as of yesterday as the water temp is finally coming up. 


June 29th

I caught a 24 inch (lb?) dolphin 64 miles off Beaufort, SC.  There was a magnificent weed line where one side was the deep purple blue of the Gulf Stream and the other side turbulent grayish colored water.   I didn’t see the weed line at first but a large fish jumping caught my eye and then a really large dolphin jumped out of the water. This is when I saw the weed line. Since we were motor-sailing, I edged the boat just off the weed line. Bob thought I was nuts but I ran out two lines.  I didn’t have any ballyhoo so I had to use lures.  One line I used a lure that someone in St Augustine recommended. I was skeptical, so I ran out another line with a blue & silver skirted lure.  This lure is just like the one Ruth used all the time, so I knew it was good.  Of course the blue & silver lure was the one to catch the dolphin and this happened to be on the smaller pole & reel with only 30 lb test on it.  Bob gaffed it like a pro (his first time) and after a shot of rum in each gill plus a shot for me, the fish was docile and calm. Well, Bob and I were ecstatic. This is the first fish we have ever landed on the sailboat.  I put on my flashing glasses; you know the ones Diana handed out after we caught our swordfish the year before last and I danced about.  Well after all the dancing and “high fives” for a job well done, there was no more weed line.  And since we were on the “get-there-itis” schedule, we didn’t turn around and go back along the weed line.  In retrospect, we should have.  We really don’t have a schedule and if we take an extra hour or two fishing, it is okay. 


I just want you ladies to know that I miss you all and am very grateful that we have such a great club.   If it were not for LLGF, I would not have the knowledge or confidence to run fishing lines off my boat.  And Ruth, you were right – the blue & silver lure is a hit!

J  Larry & I fished for an hour  Sunday a.m. (around 8:30 ) and caught two 8 to 10 lb. kings trolling (one wire rig with a double hook, squid strip and a skirt and one mono leader with a spoon and squid strip).  We were fishing in 100-300 ft. between the Hillsboro and Boca Inlets.  The only cool place in town! Take care,

Sue (Fejes)

June 22

This report recently submitted by Sandy Goldberg.  Sounds like you had a great time on the flats.  Capt Alan Sherman would be proud you!!
Just wanted to share...went out on Biscayne bay with a friend and caught a bunch of sea trout. It was my first time on the flats and I liked the work...There was one time where I was reeling in my trout and a shark came by and ate it. I got to feel it on for just a moment until he took my
Also got a big Tarpon hit but silly me got too excited..didn't set hook so it was a hit and miss....Caught lots of Barracuda which was fun at first until the stink of them just got to me and I was bummed when I caught ungrateful, eh?
And as usual, Priscilla, Ruth and Brandy were out slaying dolphin.............
We fished in the LSBC tournament on Sat. Caught 7 fish, dolphin 6# -18#. Lots of nice fish out here from 4 miles to how ever far you might want to go.
Capt. Deb Calhoun, Lori and Kathy made me proud on Saturday.  Out to 1200'. stopped.  Looked around on the glass calm ocean and Kathy spotted a floating object.  They pitched livies, got 4 nice dolphin and a 20" tripletail (so THEY say, haven't seen the pic's though).  Came in to 1100' dropped a ballyhoo, when all of a sudden the line started to peeeeelllll off and lo and behold a Sailfish jumped and thankfully spit the hook,  Another drop of a ballyhoo (all rigged by Deb) resulted in another nice dolphin (so THEY  say, haven't seen that pic yet either!!!)  
Your's truly got out on Friday, specifically to try out the previously unsuccessful deep dropping and lo and behold, in 860' with 8 lbs of wt, we located the Black Belly Rosefish (my targeted species), got 7 in about 30 tries, well, it seemed like 30.  And, YES, I do have pics...........